Emetuche Hillary


Charcoal Drawing Workshop

The purpose of this workshop is to rekindle passion for art in people. This provides an avenue for people to be able to express themselves through art, to find joy and hope and also develop a skill. The workshops focused on the rudiments of shading and drawing with charcoal..

Let’s Talk Art and Purpose

This is an online podcast/video conference with mostly young artists across Africa. Its purpose is to create a scenius ecosystem for young creatives and artists to share ideas and their art processes in order to inspire and motivate one another. The second edition was in collaboration with National Arts in Health Week Nigeria an initiative also in collaboration with the WHO to explore the ways in which Arts can be utilised to facilitate healthcare.

Duochrome Street Photography

This is trying to identify the intrinsic beauty of my environment by focusing and bringing out the hidden colours. This is to embolden the narrative that there is greatness hidden in every human and needs to be unleashed by sieving and removing distractions.